Graticule, 2017
This work was shown temporary during the groupexhibition Landkunst in the nature reserve Het Bossche Broek in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) which was hosted by BKKC, Staatsbosbeheer and Erfgoed Brabant.

Polypropylene cord, metal bars - covering a surface of 2.500 m²

In collaboration with Maud van den Beuken

Graticule is a collaboration between the two artists Thomas Ritzen and Maud van den Beuken. The work visualizes the latitutes and longitudes which are crossing each others paths around the earth. The globe as a natural phenomenon became a measurable object where man tries to relate itself to in an objective way. This is a paradoxical fact which finds recognition in the history of the nature reserve where the work was placed: De Bossche Broek. De Bossche Broek is maintained and made by man. By placing the definings of the earth litterally in the landscape itself, the spectator is placed in a new perspective in relation to its environment.